JustLogic Features

Build your game with 1206 logical units

Just Logic is a Unity extension with the visual programming functionality. You don't need Unity Pro to use it.

It happens that for a simple action you need a separate script. Now you can quickly construct such actions and even sequences of them directly in the inspector and without code writing. JustLogic will save your time allowing you to focus on the creation of the gameplay itself, rather than scripting!

Sequences of actions are consist of units. There are 1206 kinds of them arranged by 29 basic categories! With their help you can do almost everything you might imagine: spawn enemies, control your camera, deal with animations, networking, audio clips and much more!

Units are combined into a sequence and executed sequentially from top to bottom. No graphs needed.

  • Events help to make a reaction to the player's actions. All Unity events are supported!
    You can setup an event handler to start the sequence when the specific event occurs. Each event handler allows you to check certain conditions for the event. For example, turn a post-effect on for a few seconds, when the player gets inside the trigger or spawn explosion prefab when the player comes closely to the mine.
  • Access other scripts and objects and use any other plug-ins and dll libraries.
  • Extensibility: the programmer can easily add functionality to JustLogic by making s/his own units. The level designer can use such units to make the desired game logic, or to select the appropriate solutions through experimentation.

  • Reusing: you can take some functionality outside your scene and keep it as an asset which can be accessed from any scenes.

  • Platforms: Standalone (PC, Mac, Linux), Web Player, iOS and Android are target platforms.

Download JustLogic Free Full version

Free Full Version
Licensed usage time unlimited
Get updates unlimited
Unity standard events support all events are supported
Smooth movement and rotation +
Mark objects to quick find them JL Marker
Timers to launch your sequence repeatedly JL Timer
Communicate other scripts SendMessage and Invoke
Reuse your sequences store in assets
Call your another sequence +
Store data in variables Local, Static and Global scopes
Use loops to repeat actions +
Waiting units (wait for something) +
Invoke methods of any plugin methods and properties
Handle your sequence exceptions Try, Catch, Throw
Control flow units +
Play USequences +
Units library Covers the majority of Unity API
All other features* Supported
Standalone, Web, iOS and Android All supported
Unity editions Free & Pro

Download JustLogic Free Full version


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